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Mission Statement

We the People - Our Responsibilities

Mission Statement:

    We the People Court Services - provides the services necessary to implement and preserve the Constitutional Rights of the People. We seek to preserve the integrity of the Judicial system in the minds of the People. Why doesn't the Government provide such services? We don't care. It is the Right and the Duty of the People to exercise our Rights regardless of the Government's willingness to assist us.

    You have the Right to Bear Arms but nobody makes their own firearms, nor does the Government provide them. Instead, people buy firearms from other people who make them. WTPCS specializes in providing Jury services in cases not otherwise served by the Courts. We like to help.


¶1  The Constitution REQUIRES the Government to do certain things. Article 3 (the Courts) states that the Government SHALL provide juries in Criminal courts. Article 3 says NOTHING about Common Law courts. Article 3 is the "DUTIES" of the Judiciary. The 7th Amendment clearly resides outside of Article 3 in the Bill of Rights. It clearly states that your right to a Jury in Common Law court is "preserved". Nowhere is there a "SHALL" that compels the courts to furnish you a Jury in Common Law court. If not the courts, who is responsible?

¶2  The 10th Amendment states "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Everything else is the responsibility of the States "or the People". Nowhere are the Courts prohibited from furnishing you a jury in any court. If the Courts decline, then the responsibility defaults to us "We the People".

¶3  Example - The 2nd amendment - the right of the People to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed. You have the right to bear arms. There is no "SHALL FURNISH A FIREARM" anywhere in the body of the Constitution that compells any Branch of Government to furish you a firearm. Obviously, you exercise your right to bear arms when you purchase your own firearm.

¶4  The idea that you cannot have a firearm unless the Government provides it, is nonsense. The idea that you cannot have a Jury in a Common Law court unless the Government provides it, is equally nonsense.

¶5  The idea that you cannot have an attorney in Common Law court is nonsense. We hire attorneys all the time and pay them a lot of money. We hire psyhcologists and many other experts. Judges sometimes socialize with and are friends with attorneys. Judges are almost never friends of Jurors who serve in their courtroom. Judges may not exclude a Jury simply because they are not friends of the Judge. The word "friends" does not appear in the 7th Amendment, only the word "PRESERVED".

¶6  The People reserve the right to hire whoever they like as necesary to adjudicate their case in conformance with the Constitution. Judges are required to follow the Constitution per the OATH they swear per Article 6.

¶7  In Troxel v Granville (2000) the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that Parents have the right to parent their own children thus establishing the stated "Common Law". You are in a court that has the authority to put you in jail and confiscate your children and everything you own. You are in a Common Law court. 

¶8  British Common Law - It is true that no Juries are used in Courts of Equity under British Common Law. The term "Common Law" appears twice in the Constitution, both times in the 7th Amendment which preserves your right to a Jury. The word "British" is absent. The US has one thing the British do not have, the Bill of Rights. This includes the right to Bear Arms, the right to a Jury in Common Law court, the right to Free Speech, etc. The British have NONE of these rights unless they are granted to the British People by the privileged elites who rule over them.

¶9  Government of the People, by the People, for the People is NOT exactly the same thing as British Common Law. The American People DO NOT do everything the British tell us to do. This is nothing new.

¶10  Your Rights are inalienable, unless you DECLINE to exercize your Rights. You have the Right to Remain Silent in a criminal matter, but without the Common Law "Miranda" decision you might not know that. In a Civil Common Law court you have the right to an attorney but you must provide your own, or represent yourself. Nobody tells you this. What else did the Government forget to tell you?