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Rules (Ex Post Facto - After the Fact)



    Under the Constitution, the Government "SHALL" furnish Juries in "CRIMINAL Courts"(1). The right to a Jury in Common Law Court is "PRESERVED" (2) but nowhere is the Government REQUIRED to FURNISH a Jury in a Common Law Court. This responsibility thus falls to the People themselves per the 10th Amendment.(3)

    Your RIGHT to a JURY is in the 7th amendment.(2) The right to bear arms is in the 2nd Amendment.(4) The Government is NOT required to furnish you either a Firearm or a Jury in a Common Law Court. It is YOUR responsibility to buy your own gun, hire your own lawyer, and to arrange for your own jury while preserving the due process rights of everyone. 

Courts of Equity:

     Equity means "Fairness" and Justice. In the US there are some 2,500,000 new cases / year in Family Courts alone. Thus the need for a streamlined judicial process. The weakness of Courts of Equity is the nearly total lack of accountability of their Government to the People. The purpose of Juries is to prevent corruption.(1)

     There is NOTHING preventing the Judiciary from providing Juries in these Courts. We agree they are not required to do so. By leaving this function undefined they have forfeited their authority to the People. Thus the authority and the rules of implementation belongs to the People and we will implement this portion of the Judicial process as we see fit. 

Rules Summary: (Ex Post Facto - After the Fact)

     Existing court rules are mostly sound. We utililize existing rules and Jury instructions with a few revisions seeking generic and transferable processes to most if not all 50 States.

     We seek simplicity and thus low cost and thus greater access to justice for all. If the Judge renders an order which is something close to justice in the minds of the People, then litigants and WTPCS are happy to accept the order and do NOTHING else.

     If a litigant is convinced that justice was not done, that litigant may refer the matter for Jury review by retaining the services of WTPCS. After affording everyone due process, the Jury shall view and weigh the evidence and issue a verdict which MAY then be filed into the case record. The Jury may A) affirm the order of the Judge or B) direct the order be stricken and advise what the Jury believes would be an "equitable" order. 

Enforcement of the Jury Verdict:

      "Courts stand on their reputation; they do not have a purse, nor an army, or a police force. Judges must both act justly, and be seen to act justly."

     The Constitution is a CONTRACT between the People and those chosen to rule over us. All Judges swear an oath to follow the Constitution.(5)

     Judges are citizens with Rights and have the Right to Pursue Happiness as they see fit, just like everyone else. They do not need to follow the Constitution but that is a requirement to hold the office. All of us are free to resign and go do something else we like better. People do this all the time.

     Any Judicial officer who flagrantly violates their oath (employment contract) will be listed on our website as such. A notice will be sent to the Governor informing him there is an opening for a new Judge and a replacement needs to be appointed. Whether this Judge resigns or gets paid to do nothing is not our concern.  We only wish to utilize Judges who follow their oath to uphold the Constitution. 

     Judges are not under arrest. They are free to resign whenever they like.

British Common Law:

     Everyone is in agreement that Courts of Equity under British Common Law do not normally provide Juries. In the US we have one thing the British DO NOT HAVE - the BILL OF RIGHTS.

     We the People understand and accept our responsibility under the Constitution. If the Courts decline to furnish Juries in these Courts of Equity, this is not a problem. We'll do it.


     Reduced Litigation: If the litigants feel justice has not been served, affordable, timely and Constitutional recourse is available.

     Public Confidence: Confidence in the Judicial process in the minds of the People is the only Authority and Power that Judges have.(6) Judges cannot tax. They have no police force or an army.

    Security: Courts across the land are obsesed with security. Why would anybody be upset with a Judge for making an important decision that had been reviewed and affirmed by a Jury?